October 15, 2021: Peer Support Celebration Day

WHEREAS, during Global Peer Support Celebration Day (GPSCD) that occurs annually on the third Thursday in October, peer supporters (also known as peer providers) from across the globe reflect on the important role they play in helping those with mental health, addiction, and/or trauma-related challenges move along the continuum of recovery and inclusion into communities of their choosing; and,


WHEREAS, peer supporters are trained providers who use their lived experience to encourage, engage with, and support others with mental health, addiction, and or trauma-related challenges, using the recovery model and the principles and values of peer support to provide hope and be a role model of recovery; and,


WHEREAS, peer supporters use the working definition of recovery, Guiding Principles of Recovery, and core values to empower and assist their peers to live the lives of their own choosing and instill the belief that recovery is possible, thereby improving the likelihood of a long-term recovery; and,


WHEREAS, peer support is an emerging best-practice that has proven to be a cost-effective treatment for mental health, addiction, and traumatic challenges, reduces hospital days and recidivism rates, and increases a patient's ability to access expensive and more restrictive community-based services; and,


WHEREAS, the State of Michigan also recognizes Certified Peer Mentors who use their personal lived experience to empower their peers with intellectual and developmental disabilities to make their own choices, achieve community inclusion, independence and self-determination; and


WHEREAS, the goal of this year's Global Peer Support Celebration Day is to increase public awareness of peer supporters, the services they provide, their impact on the lives of countless individuals within the health and human services industry, and the shining example of recovery they provide;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim October 15, 2021, as Peer Support Celebration Day in Michigan.