October 2021: Economic Education Month


WHEREAS, economics is the study of making sound decisions in managing scarce resources, which is an essential skill for all people; and,

WHEREAS, the aim of economic education is to equip students with skills and tools for their economic roles as productive workers, informed consumers and savers, involved citizens, and lifelong decision-makers in a globally interdependent world; and,

WHEREAS, our democracy depends on the active support and involvement of economically literate citizens who can understand and evaluate critical issues of public policy; and,

WHEREAS, economic education required by state law in the Michigan Merit Curriculum and embedded in the state's social studies standards must be established and maintained in our K-12 schools, where even young children are capable of learning basic economic concepts that help them understand their economic world; and,  

WHEREAS, economic education in our schools depends on K-12 educators equipped with high quality training and resources to ensure students have equitable access to classroom lessons that develop the skills necessary to make informed choices as citizens;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim October 2021 as Economic Education Month in Michigan.