August 9-15, 2021: Wind Week

WHEREAS, wind energy is the largest provider of renewable energy in the country; and,


WHEREAS, wind powers our state's economy, driving $4.2 billion in total capital investment to date, $31 million in annual state and local tax payments, and $16 million in lease payments to Michigan landowners in 2019 alone; and,


WHEREAS, according to the Michigan Public Service Commission, Michigan currently has a total of 1,481 operational turbines producing 2,684 MW and 33 wind farm projects; and,   


WHEREAS, Michigan generates enough energy from wind to power over 730,000 homes; and,  


WHEREAS, our state's commitment to wind power has already proven to be a key component of our economic growth, and with continued investments in renewable energy, we can remain at the forefront of energy sector manufacturing, innovation, and development;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim August 9-15, 2021 as Wind Week in Michigan and encourage all residents of our state to learn more about the benefits of wind energy in our community and celebrate Michigan's leadership in renewable energy generation and manufacturing.