July 4, 2021: Independence Day

WHEREAS, on July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress declared that the 13 American colonies were no longer subject to the monarch of Great Britain and were united, free, and independent states; and,


WHEREAS, the 13 colonies soon adopted the Declaration of Independence, a historic document drafted largely by Thomas Jefferson; and,

WHEREAS, since then, July 4th has been annually celebrated as Independence Day, also known as Fourth of July, to commemorate the birth of American independence with festivities such as fireworks and parades; and,


WHEREAS, in 1870, the U.S. Congress made Independence Day a federal holiday, and this day continues to remain an important symbol of patriotism and political freedom; and,


WHEREAS, on this day, individuals celebrate by displaying the American flag outside their homes or buildings, arranging fireworks often accompanied by patriotic music, and just simply enjoying time with their families; and,


WHEREAS, we should also take time to appreciate the history, heritage, and people of our great nation, express our loyalty and pride for America, and give thanks for the freedom and liberties fought by the first generation of our people;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim July 4, 2021 as Independence Day in Michigan.