June 24, 2021: Cystinuria Awareness Day

WHEREAS, cystinuria is a chronic genetic condition characterized by excessive cystine in the urine, leading to the formation of cystine stones in the kidney, ureter, and bladder; and,


WHEREAS, approximately one in every 10,000 Americans is affected by cystinuria, with the majority of patients presenting with symptomatic stones before the age of 30; and,


WHEREAS, cystinuria patients often endure episodes of debilitating pain (called renal colic), nausea, vomiting, and recurrent urinary tract infections, and typically require numerous surgical interventions for stone removal which can cause physical, emotional, and financial strain on patients and their families; and,


WHEREAS, affected individuals may suffer from potentially serious medical complications such as hypertension, renal insufficiency, and, rarely, kidney failure; and,


WHEREAS, studies have demonstrated that individuals with cystinuria have a lower health-related quality of life than the general population, specifically in areas of general health, bodily pain, and mental health; and,


WHEREAS, although there is no cure for cystinuria, early diagnosis and management with dietary measures and medications can help prevent stone formation and limit long-term kidney damage; and,


WHEREAS, this day is designated to raise awareness of cystinuria and the importance of early diagnosis and management, provide support to those who have this disease, and promote research to improve screening and treatments;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim June 24, 2021 as Cystinuria Awareness Day in Michigan.