June 2021: Scoliosis Awareness Month

WHEREAS, it is important to increase the public's awareness of scoliosis and help children, parents, adults, and health care providers understand, recognize, and treat the complexities of spinal deformities such as scoliosis; and,


WHEREAS, scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine, is a condition affecting 2-3% of the population, or an estimated seven million people in the United States, and can strike regardless of gender, race, age, or economic status; and,


WHEREAS, scoliosis patients make more than 600,000 visits to providers yearly, with approximately 30% of patients requiring bracing and 10% requiring surgery; and,


WHEREAS, the primary age of onset for scoliosis is between ten and 15, with females being eight times more likely to progress to a curve magnitude that requires treatment; and,


WHEREAS, screening programs allow for early detection and for treatment opportunities which may alleviate the worst effects of the condition; and,


WHEREAS, this month is designated to raise awareness of scoliosis, provide support to those who have this condition, and to recognize the need for increased research and funding to improve treatment;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim June 2021 as Scoliosis Awareness Month in Michigan.