June 20, 2021: Father's Day

WHEREAS, the nation's first Father's Day was celebrated in June of 1910 and was declared an official holiday in 1972 when President Woodrow Wilson also made Mother's day an official holiday; and, 


WHEREAS, since then, Father's Day has been annually celebrated nationwide on the third Sunday of June to celebrate fatherhood and appreciate fathers and father figures; and,


WHEREAS, fathers are pillars in the development of a child's emotional well-being and promote inner growth and strength in their children; and,


WHEREAS, children look to their fathers to provide security, stability, discipline, compassion, and guidance; and,

WHEREAS, throughout a child's lifetime, fathers continue to be influential mentors, caregivers, and educators in preparing them for the challenges of adulthood and providing them with support, encouragement, and resources; and,


WHEREAS, the unprecedented and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has increased the responsibilities and difficult choices fathers must make about their roles, families, and careers; and,


WHEREAS, despite these important roles fathers play in a child's life, there are approximately 24 million fatherless children in the United States with approximately 1.8 million residing in Michigan; and,


WHEREAS, we should take time to remember those who have lost their father or father figure, as well as fathers who have lost their children, and ensure they have the necessary resources and services to get the support they need; and,


WHEREAS, during this day, we should also celebrate biological fathers, adoptive fathers, foster fathers, single fathers, and grandfathers everywhere, take time to reach out and remind our father figures of the roles they play in our lives, send them a card or gift, and appreciate the many sacrifices and contributions they make to enrich our lives;  


NOW, THEREFORE, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, and Garlin Gilchrist II, lieutenant governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim June 20, 2021 as Father's Day in Michigan.