May 2021: Brain Tumor Awareness Month

WHEREAS, an estimated 770 Michigan residents will be diagnosed with brain tumors this year, approximately 105,400 adults over 40 are living with invasive brain and nervous system cancers in the United States, and brain tumors account for approximately 20% of all childhood cancer; and,


WHEREAS, brain tumors can occur at any age, and those that don't lose their lives can still be impacted by loss of memory, sight, balance, strength, coordination, taste, hearing, and ability to drive, work, or go to school; and,

WHEREAS, no specific cause has been identified, and there has been intensive research to help physicians diagnose and treat brain tumors more effectively. Despite this research, approximately 600 Michiganders will die this year from brain cancer; and,

WHEREAS, we salute the victims of brain tumors who continue to demonstrate great determination, adaptability, and courage in their efforts to live their best life with brain tumors, recognize those that are promoting awareness of brain tumors as well as those working to improve treatment, advocate for its victims, and provide support; and,

WHEREAS, despite some progress made by increasing public awareness of brain tumors through advocacy and support for research and through education about the impact brain tumors have on patients' and their families' lives, more progress on targeted research is still needed to find a cure and better treatment that can lead to higher quality and longer life for the patients; and,

WHEREAS, during this month, we raise awareness of brain tumors in Michigan and support brain tumor patients and the efforts of scientists and physicians as they work toward improved treatments and an eventual cure;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim May 2021 as Brain Tumor Awareness Month in Michigan.