March 12, 2021: Spread Goodness Day

WHEREAS, the idea of Spread Goodness Day was first created in 2017 to inspire a global day of goodness by encouraging individuals, schools, and organizations to show the explosive power that one act of goodness has to change the world every single day; and,

WHEREAS, in 2017, the launch was created as a global goodness day initiative, founded and headquartered in Marquette, Michigan; and,


WHEREAS, the people of Michigan rose up to celebrate this day as a time that individuals, businesses, and schools can be committed to doing good things, celebrating goodness together, and proving that one action can change the world; and,


WHEREAS, public and private schools from elementary to university participate in unique Spread Goodness Day events  to engage schools,  businesses, and individuals worldwide, and to support grassroots non-profits that help people "survive with goodness;" and,


WHEREAS, U.P resident Anna Dravland founded the non-profit event after experiencing the positive effects of engagement with her community, volunteerism, and social action; and,


WHEREAS, despite suffering a stroke just after launching the platform, she has kept the initiative alive through the goodness sparked in Marquette and spread throughout the world; and,


WHEREAS, Spread Goodness Day events started in our state and have spread to over 15 states and   10 countries; and,


WHEREAS, on the second Friday of March, we should honor the power and simplicity of goodness to change the world and positively impact our communities, especially during the trying time we are facing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim March 12, 2021 as Spread Goodness Day in Michigan.