February 1-5, 2021: School Counseling Week

WHEREAS, school counselors are employed in public and private schools to help students reach their full potential; and,


WHEREAS, school counselors assist students in discovering postsecondary educational options and provide them with healthy social and emotional guidance; and,


WHEREAS, school counselors are actively committed to helping students explore their abilities, strengths, interests, and talents as these traits relate to career awareness and development; and,


WHEREAS, school counselors help parents and guardians focus on ways to further the educational, personal, and social growth of their children; and,


WHEREAS, school counselors work with teachers and other educators to help students explore their potential and set aspirational goals for themselves; and,


WHEREAS, school counselors will help Michigan meet its goals of increasing the percentage of students who graduate from high school and increasing postsecondary attainment rate to 60% by the year 2030; and,


WHEREAS, school counselors seek to identify and utilize community resources that can enhance and complement comprehensive school counseling programs and help students become productive members of society; and,


WHEREAS, comprehensive developmental school counseling programs are considered an integral part of the educational process that enables all students to achieve success in school and beyond; and,


WHEREAS, during the COVID-19 pandemic, school counselors have served as an important bridge between parents, students, and teachers, providing moral support and ensuring they each have the necessary resources and technological support and are able to effectively communicate with each other;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, proclaim February 1-5, 2021, as School Counseling Week in Michigan.