October 23, 2020: Paralegal Day

WHEREAS, the practice of law is a challenging and complex endeavor that has protected and preserved the rights, liberties, and safety of our citizens for centuries; and,


WHEREAS, the paralegal profession provides an invaluable service to the legal profession, as well as to the general public that utilizes legal services; and,


WHEREAS, paralegals are highly educated, trained, and experienced professionals with expertise in legal and case research, interviewing clients and witnesses, legal writing, and other critical aspects of successful and efficient law practices; and,


WHEREAS, many qualified paralegals are able to reduce the workload of attorneys and reduce the cost incurred on behalf of law firms during the course and scope of legal representation; and,


WHEREAS, paralegals are valuable to both the general public and to attorneys and law firms they work with; and,


WHEREAS, the paralegal profession encourages the continuing growth and education of paralegals in the fields of law and technology in order to better assist both law firms and clients;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim October 23, 2020, as Paralegal Day in Michigan.