November 2020: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Awareness Month

WHEREAS, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic pain condition usually in an arm or a leg that typically results after an injury, a surgery, a stroke, or a heart attack, causing malfunction of the peripheral and central nervous systems; and,


WHEREAS, the central nervous system is composed of the brain and spinal cord, while the peripheral nervous system involves nerve signaling from the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body; and,


WHEREAS, elevated levels of inflammatory markers have been found in people with CRPS, causing pain associated with the initial injury, with symptoms that may include changes in tissue and atrophy; and,


WHEREAS, severity is associated with the degree of injury and also with the individual’s underlying nerve health; and,


WHEREAS, it is important for CRPS to be diagnosed and treated early to optimize patient outcomes; and,


WHEREAS, during this month, it is important to spread awareness of this debilitating disease so that more research can be done and treatments can be found to improve patient recovery;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim November 2020 as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Awareness Month in Michigan.