September 21 ‑ 27, 2020: Pollution Prevention Week

Whereas, the quality and health of Michigan’s environment and natural resources are important to residents and tourists of the Great Lakes State; and,


Whereas, by focusing on pollution prevention, Michigan will continue to create businesses that are more efficient, innovative, competitive, and sustainable; and,


Whereas, pollution prevention, by means of reducing waste and toxic substances, reusing materials, and recycling, promotes environmental stewardship, which improves our communities and protects our natural resources for future generations; and,


Whereas, Pollution Prevention Week is an opportunity to create awareness and take action to meet the challenges of maintaining prosperous communities, a healthy environment, an efficient government, and globally competitive businesses;


Now, Therefore, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim September 21‑27, 2020, as Pollution Prevention Week in Michigan and encourage all residents of Michigan to join in this observance and incorporate pollution prevention into their everyday activities.