February 14, 2020: League of Women Voters Day

WHEREAS, the League of Women Voters was founded in 1920 as a “mighty political experiment” by the foremothers of the suffragist movement at the National American Woman Suffrage Association; and,


WHEREAS, their goal was to help the 20 million women who were granted the right to vote by the 19th Amendment understand and carry out their new responsibility as voters; and,


WHEREAS, with the success of this effort and the tireless efforts over the last 100 years to strengthen and uphold its mission to empower voters and defend democracy, the League has become a trusted nonpartisan, grassroots organization; and,


WHEREAS, the League has sponsored legislation and fought in the courts to protect and strengthen voting rights and access, and for free and fair elections, civil rights, children, community health, and education; and,


WHEREAS, the League has consistently been noted for its nonpartisan election information, including sponsoring candidate forums and providing information on state and local ballot issues; and,


WHEREAS, the League has a commitment to register, educate, and mobilize voters throughout the state and country; and,


WHEREAS, the League champions government systems that are open, transparent, inclusive, and equitable; and,


WHEREAS, the League believes that active and engaged citizens, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, or political affiliation, are the hallmark of democracy;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim February 14, 2020, as League of Women Voters Day in Michigan to congratulate and honor the League of Women Voters on its 100th anniversary and commend them for their significant contributions to empowering voters and making democracy work.