October 2019: Neutropenia Awareness Month

WHEREAS, Neutropenia is a very rare blood condition that causes reduced or complete lack of neutrophils, which are a type of blood cell that defend the body against bacterial infections and serve as our body’s natural defense mechanism for bacterial infections; and,

WHEREAS, types of Neutropenia include Congenital, Idiopathic, Cyclic and Autoimmune, and the symptoms that patients experience depend on the level of Neutropenia - the lower the neutrophil count, the greater the risk of infection; and,

WHEREAS, infections can be life threatening, therefore, it is important that the patient be seen by a doctor as soon as possible if the patient shows any signs or symptoms of an infection; and,

WHEREAS, the National Neutropenia Network has 'Peer Support Volunteers' that can offer support to those newly diagnosed and provide education through their website, newsletters, and biennial conference; and,

WHEREAS, it is important to support children, adults, and families in their journey to find answers and mutual support for Neutropenia through advocating, fundraising, or volunteering; and,

WHEREAS, the National Neutropenia Network will celebrate 25 years on October of 2019 and has launched an educational initiative to raise awareness and educate the public and medical professionals about chronic Neutropenia. We urge everyone touched by Neutropenia to help educate those around them and support their efforts to raise awareness about this rare condition;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim October 2019 as Neutropenia Awareness Month in Michigan.