September 27, 2019: Here's To The Farmer Day

WHEREAS, Michigan has approximately 47,000 farms, 95 percent of which are family owned, and these farms encompass nearly 10 million acres of farmland; and,


WHEREAS, Michigan farmers produce more than 300 types of food and agricultural products, ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables to livestock, poultry, and hops; and,


WHEREAS, today, the average farmer feeds about 155 people, compared to just 26 people fed per farmer in 1960, and the food they produce is abundant, affordable, and among the world’s safest, thanks to the investments made by farmers to improve technology, efficiency, and productivity; and,


WHEREAS, farmers are dedicated stewards of the land, with today’s farmer growing twice as much food as his or her parents did – using less land, energy, water, and with fewer emissions; and,


WHEREAS, Michigan’s farmers not only provide consumers with food and fiber, but they are also a critical piece of the foundation for our dynamic food and agriculture industry, making it one of our state’s critical economic drivers, contributing $104.7 billion to our state’s economy each year; and,


WHEREAS, farmers contribute to our local economies and rural culture through a way of life that demands constant attention, financial risk, physical endurance, and business acumen; and,


WHEREAS, it is important to recognize the diversity and abundance of our state’s food and agriculture sector and the hard work and dedication of our farmers who provide almost everything we eat and use every day;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim September 27, 2019, as Here’s To The Farmer Day in Michigan.