October 2, 2019: Energy Efficiency Day

WHEREAS, energy waste reduction is the cheapest, quickest, and cleanest way to meet our energy needs and reduce utility bills for residential, business, and industrial customers; and,


WHEREAS, smarter energy use reduces the amount of electricity we need to power our lives, which helps to avoid the future need to build power plants, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and provides a safer and healthier environment; and,


WHEREAS, Michigan utility customers realize $3.51 in savings for every dollar spent on energy efficiency programs and measures, and,


WHEREAS, reducing energy waste saves U.S. consumers billions of dollars on their utility bills annually; and,


WHEREAS, implementing energy waste reduction and other clean energy policies and programs helps boost economic opportunities and job creation while continuing to move toward a sustainable future; and,


WHEREAS, roughly 48,600 Michiganders work in the energy efficiency sector in local, good-paying, and clean energy jobs that cannot be outsourced; and,


WHEREAS, a nationwide network of energy efficiency groups and partners has designated the first Wednesday in October as the national annual Energy Efficiency Day; and,


WHEREAS, together, the residents of Michigan can continue to contribute to our sustainability efforts by learning more about energy efficiency and practicing smarter energy use in their daily lives;


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim October 2, 2019, as Energy Efficiency Day in Michigan and encourage all citizens to join in supporting clean energy goals and moving toward more energy efficiency now and in the future.