September 6, 2019: Sauna Day

WHEREAS, Finnish people brought saunas to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (U.P.) in the 1800s, where many Finnish Americans reside and celebrate their heritage to this day; and,


WHEREAS, saunas play a key role in Finnish culture and tradition, with many traditional Finnish homes having a sauna in their backyards and homes; and,


WHEREAS, Marquette held the world’s largest sauna during the 1996 FinnFest, with over 600 people joining in the tradition; and,


WHEREAS, according to a recent Mayo Clinic Proceedings review, sauna use for pleasure, wellness, and relaxation may be linked to health benefits including improved cardiovascular performance, lower risk of heart disease, relaxed muscles, improved sleep, pain relief, and more; and,


WHEREAS, sauna use has become a cultural staple in the U.P., with many people holding fond memories of their time spent in saunas.


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim September 6, 2019, as Sauna Day in Michigan and encourage all Michiganders to take advantage of the benefits of sauna use.