July 2019: Michigan Farmworker Appreciation Month

WHEREAS, for nearly 100 years, Michigan’s migrant and seasonal farmworkers have helped sustain and grow Michigan’s more than 100 commercial crops, second to California in variety; and,


WHEREAS, Michigan is one of the country’s leading users of migrant and seasonal labor who are involved in the production and harvest of over 45 crops; and,


WHEREAS, over 50 percent of farmworkers continue to have incomes below the poverty level and are less likely to utilize public assistance programs designed to help ameliorate the effects of poverty on the working poor; and,


WHEREAS, migrant farmworkers and their children face many challenges, including health, education, safety and security concerns; and,


WHEREAS, children of migrant farmworkers are a symbol of resilience and represent hope and the bright future of our state; and,


WHEREAS, migrant and seasonal farmworkers contribute greatly to the Michigan economy and are essential to the farming industry, as well as display dedication and a strong work ethic that is an inspiration to those around the state; and,


WHEREAS, we are pleased to join with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to recognize Michigan farmworkers for their incredible determination and accomplishments and offer our sincerest appreciation for the contributions farmworkers make to our cities, state, and nation; and,


NOW, THEREFORE, I, Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim July 2019 as Michigan Farmworker Appreciation Month.