What is a household member?

Household members include the filer, spouse, dependents and all other individuals who normally live with you that are not dependents.    


Additional Instructions:

To comply with the federal Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act
(PRWORA), the names, Social Security numbers (SSN), and status as a dependent and U.S. citizen or qualified alien for all household members must be reported. Use the chart provided to enter this information. For purposes of this chart, household members include:
     •  All those claimed as dependent children on lines 16d through 16f
     •  All those claimed as dependent adults other than your spouse on line 16g
     •  All other individuals living with you and not already included on lines 16d through 16g.
        Include individuals temporarily absent from the homestead due to illness or employment.      
        Do not include individuals absent from the homestead for 90 consecutive days or more   
        during 2020. Do not include individuals who are filing a separate form for their own home
        heating credit.

For each household member, enter their SSN in column B. If the SSN is left blank, the credit will be denied. Enter the years of age in column C. For children 12 months and under, enter one year in column C. Check all the boxes in column D that apply to each household member. If you have more than four household members, complete the Michigan Home Heating Credit Claim MI-1040CR-7 Supplemental (Form 4976).