What supporting documents need to be included with an amended Michigan MI-1040?

When amending your MI-1040 include all applicable schedules used to calculate your Michigan tax liability (even if included with your original return) and supporting documents to substantiate the changes.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • The Michigan Amended Return Explanation of Changes (Schedule AMD) for tax years 2017 and forward

  • Michigan Schedules and Forms (e.g. Schedule W, Schedule 1, Form 4884, MI-1040CR) 

  • Federal amended return and schedules

  • Copies of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit report, notice, federal transcripts or other supporting documents

  • Property tax statements/lease agreements

  • Copy of original or corrected W-2(s), 1099(s), and/or U.S. Schedule K-1(s)

  • Copy of other state return(s)