What common mistakes are made when completing the Michigan Home Heating Credit Claim (MI-1040CR-7)?

Common mistakes made when completing the MI-1040CR-7 include:

  • Filing after the deadline of September 30th
  • Failure to report total household resources from all sources including gifts of cash/expenses paid on your behalf and Social Security benefits received on behalf of a dependent
  • Entering monthly amount of income (various types) instead of annual amount in total household resources
  • Incorrect or missing Social Security number(s) for eligible filers and/or dependents
  • Entering incorrect heat amount
  • Failure to mark box 10 if your heating costs are currently included in your rent
  • Entering figures on the wrong lines or not entering figures on required lines
  • Illegible writing
  • Using a name and address label with incorrect information
  • Computation errors (addition, subtraction, etc.)

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