When can I claim special assessments?

Most special assessments for drains, sewers, and roads, etc. may not be included as property taxes levied (billed). You may include special assessments only if they are billed using a millage rate, levied in the entire taxing jurisdiction or are used to provide police, fire or advanced life support services and are levied township-wide. If you have any questions regarding your special assessments and whether they can be included as taxes levied on your homestead property tax credit claim, contact your city/township/village/county assessor's office or on their web site. Sample Property Tax Statement

Following are some examples of special assessments:

  1. Drains
  2. Sewers
  3. Roads
  4. Solid waste fee
  5. Delinquent water
  6. Sidewalk
  7. Street lights
  8. Pavements
  9. Recycling
  10. Milk River
  11. Rubbish
  12. Garbage Pick-up
  13. DR F012
  14. DR B030 Blakely
  15. Emit Rd Maintenance
  16. X2043