Mechanic Regulation Process

Protecting Michigan consumers against fraud and educating them to make important decisions about vehicles are top priorities of the Business Licensing and Regulation Division (BLRD).  BLRD is responsible for licensing, registering, certifying, and regulating vehicle dealers, motor vehicle repair facilities, and motor vehicle mechanics.  The following methods are utilized by BLRD to regulate mechanics and assure that they adhere to the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Act (MCL 257.1301) and the administrative rules promulgated pursuant to the Act.

Loss of Certification.  A mechanic certificate or trainee permit may be revoked, suspended or denied, if, after a hearing is offered, the Secretary of State determines that the person:

  • Engaged in an unfair or deceptive act or practice or made an untrue statement of a material fact [MCL 257.1322(a)];
  • Violated any provision of the Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Act or any rule promulgated under it [MCL 257.1322(b)];
  • Violated a probation agreement [MCL 257.1322(c)];
  • Made unnecessary repairs or repairs not authorized by a customer [MCL 257.1322(d)];
  • Refused to honor a warranty given to a customer [MCL 257.1322(e)];
  • Caused or permitted a customer to sign a blank document regarding a motor vehicle repair, such as an estimate, repair order or invoice [MCL 257.1322(f)];
  • Was ordered by a court not to repair motor vehicles as a business or not to violate the Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Act or any rule promulgated under it [MCL 257.1322(g)];
  • Was a stockholder, officer or director of a corporate licensee and as an individual, either did something or failed to do something which would be grounds for refusing to issue or suspending or revoking a license issued to that person as an individual [MCL 257.1322(h)];
  • Failed to comply with a final cease and desist order [MCL 257.1322(i)];
  • Was convicted of a criminal violation of the Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Act [MCL 257.1322(j)];
  • Used the "Waiver of Liability" provision of the Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Act to avoid other requirements of the Act [MCL 257.1322(k)];
  • Was convicted of violating the Used Motor Vehicle Parts Act [MCL 257.1322(l)];
  • Was convicted of any of the following offenses [MCL 257.1322(m)]:
    • Unlawfully driving away a motor vehicle (MCL 750.413);
    • Concealing or misrepresenting the identity of a motor vehicle (MCL 750.415);
    • Buying, receiving, possessing, concealing or aiding in the concealment of stolen, embezzled or converted property (MCL 750.535);
    • Owning, operating or conducting a chop shop (MCL 750.535a);
    • Obscuring, defacing, altering, obliterating, removing, destroying or otherwise concealing or disguising the identity of a registration, serial or identification number (MCL 750.536a).

Reporting Unlicensed Mechanics.  It may be a violation of the Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Act to perform a motor vehicle repair for compensation without a valid certificate issued by the Michigan Department of State. Information regarding an uncertified mechanic can be provided anonymously to the Bureau of Information Security by telephone, e-mail, fax, or in writing, as follows:

Michigan Department of State
Bureau of Information Security

Regulatory Monitoring Division

P.O. Box 30046
Lansing, MI 48909-7546
Telephone: 1-888-SOS-MICH (1-888-767-6424)
Fax: 517-373-7419