Administrative Actions

The Secretary of State under the authority of Public Act 300 of 1949 and 1974 licenses and regulates Michigan vehicle dealers, mechanics and repair facilities. The Secretary of State administers these Acts to ensure compliance with the Michigan Vehicle Code, Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Act, and applicable Rules. The Secretary of State also has jurisdiction over unlicensed dealers, unregistered repair facilities, and certification of police officers to perform salvage vehicle inspections.

The Michigan Vehicle Code provides clear authority to the Secretary of State to deny, suspend, or revoke a license or certification if the licensee or applicant has not complied with the provisions of the Acts or Rules. Disciplinary actions may be resolved in an alternative manner to ensure compliance and may include a written warning, probation, administrative fines, or suspension. If compliance cannot be achieved in an alternative agreement then the Secretary of State may seek formal administrative actions.

Administrative actions undertaken or scheduled against a licensee, business or certificate holder regulated by the Secretary of State will be posted on the Department's website.

Items included for publication:

  • Formal actions against non-compliant vehicle dealers
  • Formal actions against non-compliant repair facilities
  • Formal actions against non-compliant mechanics
  • Unlicensed dealer assessments
  • Unlicensed repair facility actions
  • De-certification of salvage vehicle inspectors
  • Licensees who have voluntarily surrendered or withdrawn their license or application after an administrative hearing has been scheduled
  • Administrative actions which include probations and suspensions

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