Read the State's Official Manual

The Michigan Manual, the State's official manual, includes fundamental reference information about Michigan - its history, constitutional development, government organization, and institutions. It is published biennially by the Legislative Service Bureau, under the direction of the Legislative Council.

The contents of the manual are divided into the following ten chapters:
  • Michigan History;
  • Michigan's Constitutions;
  • The Legislative Branch;
  • The Executive Branch;
  • The Judicial Branch;
  • Michigan's Congressional Delegation;
  • Institutions of Higher Education;
  • Local Government;
  • Elections;
  • and General Information/Statistics.
The whole body of information presented in these chapters is made available by a detailed Table of Contents, General Index, and Index to Names. Several chapters in the Manual have been extensively revised for the 1999-2000 edition. For example, the Executive Branch chapter has been updated to reflect the continuing reorganization of the executive branch of state government by Governor John Engler. The Michigan Constitutions chapter has been revised to incorporate recent amendments to the state constitution. The Elections chapter includes new voting data - the official canvass of votes for primary and special elections held during the period 1997-1999 and for the general election held November 3, 1998 - and a calendar of important 2000 primary and general election deadlines and dates. Finally, the General Information/Statistics chapter now includes a list of associations in Michigan.