Disability Management - Transitional Employment Program

The Disability Management - Transitional Employment (DM-TE) Program is designed to reduce the effects of disability in the workplace. The DM-TE Program assists employees, with duty and non-duty injuries and illnesses, to successfully return to their regular job assignment. When disabled employees are temporarily unable to perform the duties of their position, with or without accommodations, the DM-TE Program temporarily reassigns them to alternative duties and connects employees to tasks consistent with their limitations and qualifications. The employee and the State will benefit by achieving the following goals:

  • Reducing loss of work time.

  • Minimizing the employee's wage loss by returning to full pay status.

  • Promoting accelerated healing and recovery.

  • Maintaining a productive work routine during the recovery period.

  • Minimizing feelings of displacement.

  • Maintaining work relationships.

  • Maintaining an experienced work force.

Contact your department Case Manager to discuss DM-TE Program opportunities in your department.

Revised 6/7/2019