Online Workshop

For your convenience, we offer an on demand Planning Your Retirement workshop. We encourage you to download the Planning Your Retirement workbook and log in to miAccount to generate an estimate of your future pension income.

Register for Planning Your Retirement online workshop 

Once you register for the workshop, you'll receive a link in an email you may use to access the workshop content any time you want. Be sure to bookmark the site for your future reference.

We also offer an assortment of e-learning modules that can also assist you in your retirement planning:

  • Qualifying for Your Pension and Premium Subsidy
  • Pension Payment Options
  • Deferred vs. Early Reduced Retirement
  • Paying Off a TDP Agreement at Retirement
  • Dependent Eligibility Proofs
  • Summer Birthday Provision
  • Managing Your Retirement Account
  • Getting Started in miAccount