Board Members

A 12-member board oversees the Michigan Public School Employees' Retirement System administration. The governor appoints 11 of the 12 board members to represent active and retired public school employees as defined by Section 22 of Public Act 300. One board member serves by virtue of his or her office in state government. Upon expiration of a term a member may continue to serve, at the pleasure of the governor, until a successor is appointed.

Board Member Representing
Dr. Scott Koenigsknecht, Chair
for Dr. Michael Rice
State superintendent of education, ex officio

James Pearson
Term expires March 30, 2022

Classroom teachers, retirants
Anne Hamming
Term expires March 30, 2024
Reporting Unit Board of Control
Liz Eastway
Term expires March 30, 2025
Active or retired non-certified educational support positions
Brian Kwiatkowski 
Term expires March 30, 2025
Classroom teachers, active
John Solecki
Term expires March 30, 2024
General public investments
Dr. Patricia Chatman
Term expires March 30, 2024

Community college administrators and trustees

Jeffrey P. Crouse
Term expires March 30, 2025
School system superintendents
Kevin Philipps 
Term expires March 30, 2024
Finance/operations, non-superintendents
Vacant General public health insurance/actuaries
Timothy Raymer, Vice Chair
Term expires Dec. 31, 2023
Finance/operations, retirants, member of largest retirant organization
Vacant Classroom teachers and first class school district employees
Anthony Estell, executive secretary