Working After You Retire

We have different ways you can learn more about how working after retirement impacts your pension.

  Screenshot of Working After Retirement Pension Impact Estimator tool
1. Use the Pension Impact Estimator to determine what effect, if any, working after retirement has on your pension. This tool is designed so that you answer a series of questions to determine whether or not your work will impact your pension. This will help supplement the written documentation for working after retirement.
2. For direct information, you can review the full law here. You may want to go here if you want to know the exact language used in the retirement law.
3. For a written summary that highlights the rules regarding returning to work as a retiree to any employer, read through What Every Retiree Needs To Know Before Returning To Work. It outlines whether or not the work you choose to do will have any effect on your public school pension.