MSP Social Engagement

Please be aware of our social media policy for participation in MSP social media environments:

The social media accounts of this department are moderated channels, meaning all comments will be reviewed for appropriate content. Since these sites are not monitored 24/7, anyone seeking emergency assistance or reporting a crime should dial 9-1-1.

Please show respect to those you are addressing when making a post or submitting a comment. The Michigan State Police reserves the right to remove user generated content or comments if it violates any of the below criteria:

  • The use of obscene, threatening, discriminatory or harassing language.
  • Personal attacks on individuals or groups that contain offensive content or language that targets a racial, ethnic, or religious group, gender, sexual orientation or disability status.
  • Advertisement or promotion of commercial products, services, entities or individuals.
  • Spamming, trolling or making duplicative comments by the same user or multiple users.  

Legitimate questions and concerns related to the mission of the Michigan State Police will be answered.