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Final Recommendations of the School Safety Task Force
Competitive School Safety Grant Program (CSSGP)

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  • Application and guidance to be released on February 1, 2022.

FY 2020 CSSGP: 

FY 2019 CSSGP: CSSGP application closed March 1, 2019.

FY 2018 CSSGP: CSSGP application closed September 13, 2018.

FY 2017 CSSGP: CSSGP application closed December 15, 2016.

FY 2015 CSSGP: CSSGP application closed January 9, 2015.

Incident Reporting

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OK2SAY - Student Safety Hotline

OK2SAY Logo 200pixelsAnyone can report tips confidentially on criminal activities or potential harm directed at students, school employees, or schools. Tips can be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Learn more about OK2SAY.



Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

Mental/Behavioral Health

Physical Security - Awareness, Guidance, and Assessments

State Statutes - Requirements & Guidance

Threat Assessment



School Safety Commission

The School Safety Commission was created to review and provide recommendations to the Office of School Safety, including model practices for determining school safety measures. The school safety measures must address at least the following:

  • The development and evaluation of school safety model practices.
  • A review of the statewide school safety information policy and the emergency operations plans.
  • The role of school safety liaisons.
  • The emerging trends in school safety technology. 
  • The baseline safety requirements for schools.
  • The baseline hardening measures for new and existing schools.

Final Recommendations of the School Safety Task Force *November 2018

Public Act 548 of 2018: Creation of the School Safety Commission

School Safety Commission Members

Meeting iconSchedule of School Safety Commission 2022 Meetings:

All meetings will be held at the Michigan State Police Headquarters, at 2 p.m. on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, January 26
  • Wednesday, April 27
  • Wednesday, July 27
  • Wednesday, October 26

Email with any questions.


Meeting Minutes:



School Safety Task Force (abolished and replaced by the School Safety Commission)

School Safety Legislation
Laws Impacting Student Safety and Well-Being and School Climate
Public Act 238 of 1975 Child Protection Law
Public Act 453 of 1976 Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act
Public Act 140 of 1993 Tobacco-Free Schools and Penalties for Violation
Public Act 76 of 1995 Dangerous Weapon
Public Act 65 of 1997 Stalking / Harassment Definition and Penalties
Public Act 87 of 2000 School Locker Search - No Expectation of Privacy
Public Act 111 of 2004 Michigan Anti-Hazing Law or Garret's Law
Public Act 324 of 2006 Suicide Prevention or Chase Edwards Law
Public Act 362 of 2016 Michigan's Antibullying Law or Matt Epling Safe School Law
Public Act 394 of 2016 Seclusion and Restraint in Schools
Public Act 144 of 2018 Juvenile Adjudicated for Criminal Sexual Conduct is Prohibited from Return to the Same School Building or Utilize the Same School Bus as the Victim
Public Act 146 of 2018 Personal Protection Order Against a Student's Assailant if Attending the Same School as the Victim
Public Act 457 of 2018 Cyberbullying Crime
Public Act 532 of 2018 Establishes a Penalty Structure for Making Threatens Involving the Use of Certain Dangerous Weapons Against Students or School Employees on School Grounds or Property
Public Act 18 of 2019 Youth Tobacco Act
Public Act 211 of 2020 Save our Students Act
Public Act 401 of 2020 Student Safety Act
Laws Impacting Criminal Background Checks
Public Act 189 of 1996 Require School Employees to Disclose Any Unprofessional Conduct
Public Act 130 of 2005 Automated Fingerprint Information System
Public Act 84 of 2006 Notice of Conviction of Listed Offense; Report to Department; Employment Prohibited
Public Act 84 of 2006 Clarify Freedom of Information Disclosure
Public Act 680 of 2006 Registry of Educational Personnel
Public Act 583 of 2008 State Criminal History Checks As Condition of Employment
Public Act 583 of 2008 Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal History Checks
Public Act 583 of 2008 Criminal History Checks - All School Employees
Public Act 582 of 2016 Conviction Reporting - Teacher Certificate
Public Act 532 of 2016 Conviction Reporting - Right to Hearing - Teaching Certificate Reinstatement, Suspension, or Permanent Revocation
Public Act 532 of 2016 Notification and Requirements if Employee Charged with a Crime; Violation and Criminal Penalties of Non-Disclosure; Responsibilities for Notification
Laws Impacting School Discipline
Public Act 103 of 1999 Conduct Constituting One Day Suspension
Public Act 365 of 2016 Suspension or Expulsion - Physical Assault - Student to Student
Public Act 366 of 2016 Suspension or Expulsion - Physical Assault, Verbal Assault and Bomb Threat - Student to Employee, Volunteer or Contractor
Public Act 532 of 2016 At Least Annually, the School Board Shall Post Incidents of Crime on the School's Website
Public Act 144 of 2018 Juvenile Adjudicated for Criminal Sexual Conduct is Prohibited from Return to the Same School or Utilize the School Bus as the Victim
Public Act 145 of 2018 Suspension and Expulsion of Pupil
Public Act 461 of 2000 Corporal Punishment/Code of Conduct
Laws Impacting Physical Security and Operations of Schools
Public Act 102 of 1999 Statewide School Safety Information Policy
Public Act 12 of 2014 School Emergency Drills
Public Act 435 of 2018 Office of School Safety
Public Act 436 of 2018 Emergency Operations Plans
Public Act 437 of 2018 Construction of Major Renovation of School Buildings
Public Act 467 of 2018 Open Meetings Act - Permitted Purposes for Closed Sessions
Public Act 549 of 2018 District Liaison for School Safety
Public Act 551 of 2018 Incident Reporting Requirement
Public Act 45 of 2020 Temporary Door Locking Devices in School Buildings
School Safety Liaisons

Designated School Safety Liaison

You will also have the option of including a secondary liaison if that could be beneficial for your district. Please note, this is NOT the contact information that will be used for after-hours emergency incidents through OK2SAY.


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