Why I Became a State Trooper: Tpr. Sarah Martinez

Tpr. Sarah Martinez

My story probably sounds similar to your story.  I primarily grew up in the cities of Grand Blanc and Oxford; however, I was born in Pontiac and lived there for the first two years of my life.  My aunt and uncle were police officers at the Pontiac Police Department and my father was a firefighter for the City of Pontiac.  I had a lot of public service members in my family, as well as family members in the military, but I never thought I would become the same one day.

I thought I wanted to be something different than what my family members had chosen to be.  In college, my first major was in the sciences because I wanted to be a physician’s assistant, but I had a change of heart and decided that I really wanted to serve the public.  I recognized there was a need for more females  in law enforcement and the military so, I changed my major to criminal justice and graduated three years later.  

Almost two years after that I made my decision, and here I am at the Lapeer Post as a trooper for the Michigan State Police. I learned just before recruit school graduation that I was the second Latino female trooper in the State Police at that time, and I felt honored to play such an important role in diversifying my department.

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