Why I Became a State Trooper: Lt. Yvonne Brantley

Lt. Yvonne Brantley

I grew up in the city of Detroit, and as a child I hated the police. My opinion was formed based on the negative interactions I had seen, first-hand, involving police officers. That was until I was 11 years old, when I met a Michigan State Trooper.

The trooper responded when my family experienced a car fire. I recall we were completely hysterical because our car was a total loss. Despite the chaos and emotion, the trooper was able to calm us down.

I was surprised by how sensitive he was to our situation. He went above and beyond to help us, gave us a ride home and came inside for coffee. He sat and engaged in a real conversation with my grandmother; he was like nothing I had ever seen before.

When he left, I told my grandmother, “That is what I want to be when I grow up!”

That was more than 37 years ago now, and today I am a lieutenant with the Michigan State Police, serving as Assistant Post Commander at the Flint Post. Before my current position, I was a sergeant at the Tri-City Post for three years. I also spent a year and a half with the Preventions Service Unit within the Grants and Community Services Division and 17 years as a trooper in Rockford, Bay City and Saginaw.

My career has been tough, but rewarding as well. I encourage anyone with an interest to serve his/her community to consider policing. To make a difference in your community and be a part of an elite force of respected professionals, visit mi.gov/mspjobs or email us at msprecruiting@michigan.gov.