Salary and Benefits


  • During their training, State Property Security Officer recruits receive bi-weekly salary of approximately $1,400.
  • Starting salary for a State Property Security Officer 7 is approximately $32,700. The maximum salary for a State Property Security Officer position is approximately $53,000.
  • After six years of service, State Property Security Officers receive longevity pay; a lump sum provided once a year based on time-in-service. 


  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • State Property Security Officers earn 13 vacation days in the first calendar year; additional vacation time is accrued based on years of service.  
  • 13 paid sick days in a calendar year
  • 12 paid holidays per year
  • Uniforms and equipment are provided, as well as a cleaning allowance

For more information about specific benefit packages, visit the Michigan Civil Service Commission website.

For more information on benefits specific to State Property Security Officers, members of the Michigan State Employees Association bargaining unit, visit the Office of State Employer website.