Step 6: Conditional Offer of Employment

Pursuant to applicable state and federal law, candidates who achieve a rating high enough to merit appointment to the Academy are given a Conditional Offer of Employment. This offer states that, if the candidate passes the remaining pre-employment steps, the candidate will be appointed to the Academy.

Candidates must continue to meet the minimum requirements. Negative information that comes to the attention of the department after a conditional offer of employment is made is open to review, and may subject the candidate to revocation of the offer. Applicants will be asked for their top 3 post assignment selections at the time of the conditional offer. 

  • Psychological Screening and Medical Examination: All candidates shall undergo a psychological screening administered at the direction of the department's Behavioral Sciences Section prior to appointment to an Academy. All candidates must pass this examination within 120 days prior to appointment.
  • Drug Screening: All candidates shall be drug screened at least once prior to appointment to the Academy. This screening may take place at any time after the written test result notification received. No warning will be given to the candidate prior to the scheduling of this screening. Failure to attend or pass this screening shall result in immediate disqualification.
  • MCOLES Physical Fitness Test: All applicants will be required to complete the MCOLES Physical Fitness Test again with the Michigan State Police before the start of recruit school.