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    MSI Janitorial Operation recently relocated to a new location at the Parnall CF, Jackson, MI.  A wide range of commercial cleaning products is professionally formulated, produced and packaged using state-of-the-art equipment.  Products offered include air & laundry fresheners, cleaning chemicals, and warewashing products for MDOC facilities, Counties, Townships, State Agencies and 501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations.


Janitorial Operations

Janitorial Operations

  • Janitorial Operations

    Through employment with MSI, prisoners at the Janitorial Factory develop both hard (industry-specific) and soft (social) skills, preparing them for employment after incarceration.

    Soft Skills:  Decision Making, Communication, Teamwork, Reliability, Accountability, Punctuality, Adaptability, Listening, Literacy/Numeracy.
    Hard Skills: Machine Operation, Machine Maintenance & Repair, Shipping & Receiving, Office Clerk, Quality Assurance, Order Fulfillment, Basic Forklift Operation, Inventory & Materials Control, Mixing & Packaging, Setting & Compacting, Hi-Lo Certification.  

    • We instill and promote a positive work ethic.
    • We provide opportunities for prisoners to learn marketable skills and gain from experience.
    • We contribute to the economic self-sufficiency of working prisoners and their families