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    Located at the Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility, the MSI Dental Laboratory provides all dentures, bite splints and dental appliance repairs for MDOC prisoners.  Workers gain experience as dental lab technicians as well as dental appliance makers.  The Dental Lab training involves teaching the various techniques and systems used in creating well-fitting dental prosthetics and demands dexterity, numeracy, focus on detail and commitment on the part of the students.  The Dental Laboratory employs ten prisoner workers. 



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    Through employment with MSI, prisoners at the Dental Lab develop both hard (industry-specific) and soft (social) skills, preparing them for employment after incarceration.

    Soft Skills:  Decision Making, Communication, Teamwork, Reliability, Accountability, Punctuality, Adaptability, Listening, Literacy/Numeracy.
    Hard Skills: Machine Operation, Machine Maintenance & Repair, Office Clerk, Quality Control, Order Fulfillment, Shipping & Receiving, Dental Lab Technician, Denture Product Manufacturing, Quality Control.  

    • We instill and promote a positive work ethic.
    • We provide opportunities for prisoners to learn marketable skills and gain from experience.
    • We contribute to the economic self-sufficiency of working prisoners and their families