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  • Electricity

    Michigan's electric system is comprised of generating plants, transmission lines, and distribution facilities. The MPSC is responsible for electric utility regulation for generation and distribution functions in the state of Michigan for eight privately owned electric utilities. The MPSC is to ensure they have adequate supply of electric energy to serve Michigan’s homes and businesses in each service territory when demand is highest and approves the rates and conditions for service, including metering and billing, to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Complaints and Consumer Tips

Inquiries And Complaints

Learn About Energy Assistance

  • Energy Assistance

    Assistance is available for eligible consumers to help pay their utility bills.

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Get Involved

  • Get Involved

    The MPSC provides many different opportunities for the public to participate in cases, workgroups or events

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Find Your Utility Provider

Find an Electric Utility Provider

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Price and Customer Choice Information

Customer Choice

  • Customer Choice

    With electric choice, customers are able to purchase their electric supply from alternative electric suppliers, licensed by the MPSC.  However, by law, participation in Michigan's Electric Choice program is currently limited. 

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