Contractor Services Center

  • The Contract Services Division administers MDOT's contracting processes, including contractor prequalification, bid letting, contract awards, and contractor payments. Information available here includes prequalification of construction contractors, project advertisements, bid information and results, contractor payment information, and much more.

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    Note:The state of Michigan will begin upgrading its financial and business systems starting June 30. The new SIGMA Vendor Self-Service (VSS) system will replace Contract & Payment Express (C&PE) and Buy4Michigan. SIGMA VSS will improve how we work with vendors, payees, and grantees. Visit for important dates and transition information, including actions you may need to take.

Information and the necessary forms to become certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise.
Information on upcoming and current design/build projects.
Information and the necessary forms required to become prequalified to perform construction work for MDOT.
Small Business Program (SBP)
Information on bid lettings (current and past), project advertisements, eligible bidders and plan holders list, ordering plans and proposals, establishing electronic bidding, and obtaining the necessary forms required for bidding.
Information on contractor payments, contract modification, and subcontracts on current MDOT projects.