Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • What is ITS?

    ITS logoITS is a combination of electronics, telecommunications and information technology to the transportation sector for improving safety and travel times on the transportation system. It is not highways only, but includes all modes of transportation.

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  • 2014 Road Weather Information System Evaluation

    Environmental Sensor StationThe vision of the MDOT Road Weather Information System (RWIS) program is to have a robust system that provides stakeholders useful information about road weather conditions around the entire state of Michigan using an array of existing and next generation technologies. Having just wrapped up in May 2014, the MDOT ITS Program Office has completed an assessment of the current system in place in Michigan and derived user needs for continued use and collection of road weather data. The information presented in this evaluation is not meant to replace existing Concept of Operations documents previously completed in a number of MDOT's regions, but rather augment the documents with a fresh look at how MDOT uses road weather data in their activities and assess if any of the new and emerging technologies or existing systems could be leveraged to support the program. There were four distinct parts of this evaluation: the Literature Review and Best Practices, MDOT Existing System Evaluation, RWIS Technology Evaluation, and MDOT RWIS Deployment Strategy Memo. All of these documents can be found here.

  • MxVision WeatherSentry OnlineIn early February, Schneider Electric provided online webinars for the new RWIS forecasting tool MxVision WeatherSentry available online. View the administrator training and basic user training.

  • Staking Request Form PDF iconITS infrastructure is not on MISS DIG. Contractors must submit a staking request on Form 5300 72 hours before digging in or near MDOT freeway right-of-way.