• At MDOT, safety is paramount. It is our goal to improve overall safety for all road users, internal staff, contractors performing work on roads, and emergency responders. We continue to work with MDOT partners to seek out innovative ideas and ways to keep Michigan’s road users and workers safe. Our ultimate vision is Toward Zero Deaths (TZD) on Michigan roadways.

    Featured Safety Item:
  • Six-Inch-Wide Pavement Markings

    I-496 pavement markings in LansingFor connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) technology to be successful, good and consistent pavement markings are needed. Wider lane markings and edge lines make it easier for cameras and sensors to read the road. Research has shown that six-inch wide pavement markings consistently improves machine vision detection under adverse visibility conditions; can improve detection on high-speed roads where potential conflicting signals may confuse such systems from detecting pavement markings; and are good for human drivers, too.

    It's all about SAFETY!

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