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  • Mission: We are devoted to the efficient and innovative design, construction, and
                    active preservation of transportation structural assets, inspired by
                    safety, resiliency, and mobility.

    Vision:  To be well-regarded as spanning and connecting lives, safely and efficiently.

    Values:  Proficient, Supportive, Accountable, Agile, and Considerate

    Matt Chynoweth, Chief Bridge Engineer, Bureau Director

    Jana Grover, Senior Executive Management Assistant

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  • Sections

    The Bureau of Bridges and Structures is responsible for statewide policy and procedure development and execution to ensure all bridges and structures are designed, constructed, maintained, and operated to ensure safety of the traveling public.

  • Structure Design

    Structure Design provides statewide design support for MDOT trunkline structure projects. Structure Design delivers plans, specifications, and estimates for structures including bridges, culverts, and other ancillary structures.

  • Structure Construction

    Structure Construction Section provides statewide construction support to department projects with structural elements including, but not limited to, bridges, retaining walls, and sign and lighting support structures. Structures Construction also provides statewide support in the areas of advanced structural analysis, structure instrumentation, vibration monitoring, coatings and other material evaluations, and is responsible for implementing MDOT’s quality assurance program for fabrication of steel and concrete structural elements.

  • Structure Preservation and Management

    The Office of Structure Preservation and Management is responsible for the administration of the overall Bridge capital outlay program, NBI Program, and Preservation Section. This area is responsible for resolving complex bridge and structure issues related to preservation, management, funding, strategy, and condition goals to ensure continued implementation and operation of MDOT services and products to its customers.

  • Geotechnical Services

    Geotechnical Services Section supports the planning, design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of  geotechnical features essential for MDOT’s bridge and heavy civil infrastructure.  In‑house capabilities include foundation engineering and design for bridges, culverts and complex structures; subsurface investigation of soil, rock, and groundwater; in-situ and laboratory testing of soils; laboratory testing and specification of geosynthetic materials; geotechnical policy, project scoping, contract management, and quality assurance oversight of external partners; management and correction of geohazard sites.

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