COVID-19 Vaccine Orders and Shipments

Placing and Reviewing Orders

How to Order COVID-19 Vaccine in MCIR (E-Ordering)

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  • E-Ordering is NOW AVAILABLE
  • Please note that orders are not automatically approved upon placement - They are reviewed by Local Health Department (LHD) staff who may approve, revise, or reject orders and contact you for follow-up. Before fulfilling requests for vaccine orders, LHDs may assess your site for readiness, request temperature logs, or other materials to assure COVID-19 vaccine is managed appropriately. Please defer to LHD guidance prior to placing an order in MCIR so that any necessary paperwork such as temperature logs can be provided at the time of ordering (

View Order History and Order Status 

Shipping Timeframes and Shipping Notices Updated 8/31/21 (Pfizer delivery timeframes updated/extended)

Review and Revise Shipping Information

Add an E-Order Contact in MCIR (to access the features above) 

Product Information (dimensions, presentation, ancillary kits)

COVID-19 Vaccine Product Information Guide Updated 8/31/2021

​This guide provides specifications for COVID-19 vaccine and associated products. This is NOT a catalog from which you can order products.

Provides key product information including product package dimensions and
weight, minimum order quantities, product presentation, distribution method, storage information, and additional information. This guide will be updated as more products become available.

Ancillary Kit Components 

Delivery Checklist for Pfizer Vaccine (CDC)