Oral Health Epidemiology

Roles and Responsibilities of the Oral Health Epidemiologist

MDHHS Oral Health Program logoThe MDHHS Oral Health Epidemiologist provides support to the MDHHS Bureau of Epidemiology and Population Health and the MDHHS Division of Chronic Disease and Injury Control on all epidemiologic matters concerning oral health.

This includes data management, surveillance, epidemiologic study design and planning, statistical analysis, policy and program development, program evaluation, technical expertise, and training. The epidemiologist plays a key role in developing, coordinating and maintaining the Michigan oral health surveillance system by monitoring oral disease, access to oral health care, special populations that experience higher rates of oral disease, and the capacity of the oral health workforce to provide care to both special populations and the general population.

Fact Sheets and Surveillance Briefs


Recent Presentations

  • Jackson County Senior Smiles Survey: Michigan Oral Health Pilot Project Focused on the Aging.
    Anderson B, Moore J, Farrell C, Nickles A.
  • Characteristics of Dental-Related Hospital Admissions in Michigan, 2009-2010.
    Nickles A, Reeves MJ, Lyon-Callo S, Farrell C.
  • Assessment of the Prevalence and Predictors of Dental Caries and Loss to Follow-Up: Michigan Department of Community Health Fluoride Varnish Application Program.
    Akarte N, Korzeniewski S, Vandenbush S, Grigorescu V, Deming S, Joseph LM.

For more information, contact:

Prudence Kunyangna, MS, Oral Health Epidemiologist
Chronic Disease Epidemiology Section
Lifecourse Epidemiology and Genomics Division
MDHHS Bureau of Epidemiology and Population Health
e-mail: kunyangnap@michigan.gov

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