Juvenile Justice

  • Juvenile Justice Programs provides support for juvenile offenders and promotes safe communities by focusing on the following goals.

    • Safe Communities through Early Intervention, Diversion and Prevention at the Community Level.
    • Effective Community Programming.
    • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), Data Collection and Analysis.
    • Complete and Consistent Continuum of Available Services and Treatment.
    • Evidence-Based Principles/Outcome Driven Funding Through the Child Care Fund.


    Juvenile Justice Vision & Values
    Our plans to build a safer Michigan.

    Michigan Committee on Juvenile Justices 
    State partnership and resources for the juvenile justice community.

    Federal Grant Opportunities 
    List of grants and how to apply.

Juvenile Justice Facilities
Juvenile Justice Grants
Information on cooperation among states regarding conditions and requirements for interstate placement of children.
Juvenile Competency
Policy & Compliance
Regional Detention Support Services
Youth Resources
Prison Rape Elimination Act