Child Welfare Reform

  • We have undertaken a massive effort to overhaul Michigan's child welfare system. The recent agreement with Children's Rights Inc. builds upon reform efforts that have been underway since 2006 and focus on the improvement of safety, permanency and well-being of children served by Michigan's child welfare system. We have committed to developing and maintaining a system which aligns itself with the priorities and requirements established and monitored by federal and state statutes and policies.

  • Reform Overview

    Highlights of the progress that has occurred since the onset of Consent Decree litigation in 2006.


  • Michigan's child welfare programming is monitored in many ways. The three primary methods are through the federal Child and Family Services Review (CFSR), Title IV-E Foster Care Program and the Dwayne B. v. Snyder Modified Settlement Agreement.

Child & Family Services Reviews

  • Learn more and review CFSR reports.

    CFSRs help us improve child welfare services and achieve a variety of safety, permanency and family and child well-being outcomes for children and families who receive services.

Title IV-E Foster Care program

  • Learn more and review Title IV-E reports.

    Regulatory reviews of the foster care program focus on whether a child meets Title IV-E eligibility requirements for foster care payments and examines cases for further Federal eligibility requirements.