• The Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSR) are oriented towards improving outcomes for children and families. Each outcome defined in the regulations has a measurement of success that will define whether a state is in substantial compliance. The focus is on developing a partnership between the Federal government and the state. The review period is one Federal fiscal year. Michigan is scheduled for a Child and Family Services on-site review September 9, 2002. The ASFA Final Rule, 45 CFR 1355 governs the review process.

    There are five steps to the review process:

    1. ACF will transmit data to the state from AFCARS and NCANDS;
    2. State self-assessment;
    3. On-site review;
    4. The review team makes recommendations regarding substantial conformity; and
    5. States are informed of the findings, and, if applicable, penalties are determined and program improvement plans are developed.

Title IV-E Eligibility Reviews