Allen Jansen, Deputy Director, Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration

Allen Jansen

Allen Jansen is the senior deputy director of the Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration, where he oversees services in Michigan for those with behavioral health and developmental disabilities, including those with autism spectrum disorder.

Jansen has been engaged in Michigan’s public mental health system for nearly four decades. He began his career as a case manager in Michigan’s first Assertive Community Treatment Team, where he discovered his passion for community inclusion for adults experiencing mental illness. He eventually moved into several senior leadership roles within Michigan’s provider network, with a focus on designing and implementing residential and community-based services to better integrate clients into their community.

As a former chief strategy officer, Jansen worked closely with state lawmakers and MDHHS staff to improve clinical and policy practices. He also served at MDHHS as an interim director of Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital in 2014 before returning to the department in March 2020.

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