Veteran's Benefits Copies

Upon making a written request, a veteran is entitled to one certified copy of a Michigan vital record at no charge, for the purpose of securing a veteran's bonus, pension or compensation (MCL 333.2891(6)). This certified copy will be marked "For Veterans Benefits Only, Not For Personal Use" and will only be valid for the purpose indicated above. If the veteran is applying for his/her own birth record, a current, valid photo identification is required. If an eligible heir is requesting a deceased veteran's birth record for the purpose of applying for benefits, photo identification of the heir must be submitted. The Department of Veterans Affairs is not eligible to request a no-fee vital record.

If the veteran entitled to the record is deceased or mentally incompetent, the copy may be furnished to an eligible heir, legal guardian or legal representative. An agency (i.e. Veteran's Administration) is not eligible to request a no-fee vital record; the request must come from the veteran or an eligible heir, legal guardian or legal representative.

To apply for the veteran's benefit copy, please use a regular mail application form. You must indicate on the application that the purpose for requesting the vital record is to secure a veteran's benefit or pension, and attach a copy of the DD-214 (or equivalent) military discharge to the application, as well as a current, valid photo identification if applying for a birth record.

We do have some alternatives that can be used to meet the photo ID requirements if a current, valid driver's license or state ID is not available. The veteran will need to provide at least three pieces of documentation from different sources that will verify his/her name and date of birth. 


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